Export Services

Superior Boiler Works Master Export Services Representative

Our export services bring our products to the world…

Superior Environmental Equipment Corporation is the exclusive export services representative for Superior Boiler Works. Superior Boiler Works products are sold through a network of distributors who have exclusive sales rights to the product line. These distributors are located in their home countries. Currently we have distribution in the following countries:

Latin America & The Caribbean
Peru Chile
Costa Rica Panamá
Ecuador Puerto Rico
Venezuela El Salvador
Phillipines Singapore

If you wish to contact a distributor in one of the above mentioned countries, or if your country does not have a distributor mentioned and would like more information, please contact us directly at info@seecboilers.com. If you prefer to contact us by phone or fax, that information is listed above.

We have extensive experience in shipping all of our products, from the smallest part, to the largest of equipment efficiently to all international destinations. Our logistics personnel are skilled in preparing international shipping documents, handling letters of credit, and equipment consolidation.